Poland eyes major TV funding shift

tvp-flagsPoland is planning to radically change the way it funds the public service broadcaster TVP.

Gazeta Prawna reports that work is currently under way on the introduction of an audiovisual charge that would amount to around PLN11-12 (€2.65-2.89) a month and be payable by everyone, rather than just those who own TV reception equipment.

The latter are currently required to pay receiver licence fees that amount to around PLN19 a month.

Although the amount collected in receiver licence fees is growing, the public broadcaster TVP finds itself increasingly dependent on advertising.

Quoted by Gazeta Prawna, Jan Dvorak, the head of the National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT), described the current system as inefficient and anachronistic.

Separately, amendment to Poland’s Telecommunications Act have come into effect today (January 21). They extend consumer protection and make it easier for businesses offering services easier access to infrastructure.