Nagra to secure OTT from HD+

RTL catch-up TV on HbbTVContent on the new hybrid over-the-top service from Astra Germany’s HD+ service will be protected by Nagra.

The new over-the-top catch-up service of private channels (Mediathek), HD+ Replay, further extends the companies’ content protection partnership from satellite to internet-delivered TV.

HD+ Replay will use Nagra’s multi-device and multi-network DRM solution, Nagra MediaAccess PRM (Persistent Rights Management), to secure high-value content delivered to consumers equipped with an HD+ SmartTV set-top box.

”The launch of HD+ Replay is an important step in providing new and innovative services to our viewers and ensuring robust security for our content is key to making it a successful, high-quality offer,” said Georges Agnes, managing director of operations and product development at HD Plus GmbH.

”HD+ has been at the forefront of high-definition TV since its creation and we are excited to be a part of their latest initiative which brings Internet TV to the reach of HD+ SmartTV users,” said Holger Ippach, NAGRA SVP Sales & Operations Northern & Central Europe.

“Our solutions are designed and built with a high level of openness to support our customers’ growth and address the demand for new services such as Internet TV while fully safeguarding the rights of content owners. Our award-winning and studio-approved MediaAccess PRM is a critical component in making this possible.”

HD+ Replay is based on the HbbTV standard. The first HD+ Replay enabled set-top box Inverto Volksbox Web Edition+ is already on the market with further set-top box manufacturers expected to be available soon.