Canal+ group selects Wyplay

The Canal+ group has teamed with Wyplay to develop its future decoder software.

Wyplay will bring its expertise and know?how to the table, in particular through the Implementation of a new generation User Interface, based on HTML5.

The company also promises an improved overall performance in terms of fluidity, speed, and responsiveness.

“And most importantly, the ability to benefit from an open software foundation enabling the Canal+ group entities and partners to autonomously develop any application,” said Wyplay in a statement.

“After over six months of testing and prototyping we proved to the Canal+ group that we can meet the challenge and support them in the process of continuous innovation and new use cases, all the while confirming their deployment strategy for the current decoder known as ‘The Cube’ said Jacques Bourgninaud, Wyplay CEO.

“Canal+ group is a global success story. Today we are very proud to be at their side.”

Canal is using Nagra conditional access in its set-top box inventory; NDS has provided the middleware following the acquisition of Canal+ Technologies in December 2003. The NDS relationship is independent to what Canal+ are doing with Wyplay.