Pathé Thuis reaches 125,000 users

The Dutch VOD service Pathé Thuis said it has reached 125,000 accounts within twelve months of service and delivered 1.3 million streams.

The VOD portal, which is available on internet, on laptops and smart TV’s from Samsung, Philips and LG, now offers a total of 850 titles and claims to be the ‘fastest growing VOD portal’ in the country,

On the occasion of its first anniversary, the VOD service, owned by the Pathé cinema chain, released some statistics.

The Top 10 best watches movies during the past twelve months are: 1. Drive, 2. Abduction, 3. The Hangover 2, 4. Colombiana, 5. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, 6. Crazy, Stupid, Love, 7. Horrible Bosses, 8. All Stars 2: Old Stars, 9. Project X, 10. New Kids Nitro.

The best watch movie among male viewers was Drive, among female viewers Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Males account for 68% of the users, 32% is female. The division per age group is as follows: 16-25 years 22%, 26-35 years 25%, 36-45 years 23%, 46-55 years 18%, 56-65 years 8%, 65+ 4%.

Of all users of the service, 47% are also a regular visitors to Pathé cinemas.

The portal plans to launch the service on iPad, Android and Xbox during 2013.