Digital cable takes off in Romania

Take-up of digital cable has grown significantly in Romania, with the number of homes receiving services at the end of June this year exceeding 1 million.

This, according to preliminary data published by the regulator ANCOM, was 49% more than a year earlier.

Although the number of DTH subscribers grew by a more modest 5% over the same period, the total amounted to a much higher 2.21 million.

The total number of subscribers to audiovisual retransmission services as of mid-year amounted to 5.92 million, up 2.9% on the total at the end of 2011 and 5.2% higher than a year earlier.

The number of cable subscribers grew by 2.75% in H1 to 3.67 million, while the number receiving DTH services rose by 3% to 2.21 million.

A total of 83.5% of households received audiovisual retransmission service, while cable penetration stood at 51.8%.