Bill Roedy: cable industry will adapt

CTAM EuroSummit 2012 – VIENNA. There may be clouds hanging over the cable industry, but “cable has too much of an advantage”, said Bill Roedy during this morning’s keynote interview.

The former chairman and CEO of MTV International,interviewed by Raymond Snoddy, turned out to be very positive about cable’s future during these challenging times. “There is always a danger, but I can’t see it. But never become complacent, always look behind your shoulder,” he said.

Netflix might be seen as a threat, but its first mover advantage is slowly disappearing. The company made some very inexpensive content deals in the beginning, but now has a much higher price to pay to gain access to premium content. By going into original content production, costs will go up even more. “If OTT providers start with original programming, their cost structure goes up and their advantage will go away.”

In the long run, “Netflix will be part of the overall pie. “They will find that it is not easy to produce hits. The studios are a hundred years old and they still screw up.”

Another cloud above the industry is the future of traditional advertising for television broadcasters, but Roedy is optimistic the industry will adapt. “What traditional (cable) television has done very well in the past will do them very well in the future. TV has adapted and it is extraordinary how TV evolved. Adaptation is key”