ThinkAnalytics reaches 70 million subscribers

Search and recommendation platform ThinkAnalytics says it has tipped 70 million licensed viewers across 16 countries.

Platforms and broadcasters including BSkyB, Virgin Media, ITV, Telenet, and UnityMedia use the pioneer in real-time, viewer intelligent navigation.

“Operators recognize the need to provide a personalized roadmap to highlight the programming value for their subscribers,” said Eddie Young, Chairman, ThinkAnalytics. “We deliver more than 70 million viewers with recommendations that bring together metadata, moods and personal viewing habits. Then, we integrate it with the user interfaces and deliver those personal recommendations in real-time. We do this every day on a massive scale, transacting billions of recommendations on an ongoing basis. This is not a PowerPoint presentation but real live production software.”

Subscribers surveyed give the ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine an average of 90-plus percent positive ratings based on the recommendations they received. 60-70 percent of customers receiving ThinkAnalytics’ personalized recommendations opt to view the suggested content within 24 hours.

The company provides recommendations that can be delivered to consumers through any touch point, such as the set-top box, web, tablet, mobile, or email, from a single centralised system.