TiVo takes off in Spain

TiVo is performing well in Spain, with 16,000 Ono subscribers receiving the service as of the end of the first quarter, only five months after its launch.

At that time, it was already available on 62% of the operator’s network and churn rates were below 10%.

Ono also had 530,000 subscribers, or 37% of the broadband base, to its high-speed (30 Mbps and above) internet packages as of the end of the first quarter, while 85% of its customers subscribed to more than one service.

Ono’s revenues for residential fibre services in Q1 amounted to €281 million (+1.2% year-on-year) and those for residential ADSL €11 million (+4.1%).

Total revenues were €383 million (+5%) and EBITDA €186 million (+4.0%).