Poor adflows take blame for lack of VOD growth

Poor adflows are holding back the growth of video on demand, according to a leading media logistics specialist.

IMD has undertaken an in-depth review among media owners including Sky and Channel 5. The results are featured in a new research paper released by the company today.

The report highlights the key VOD advertising workflow issues as:

  • Absence of a consistent quality standard – when the technical format of the ad doesn’t conform to a publisher’s specification, especially the size and resolution.
  • Poor quality video – frequently due to multiple encodings taken from files that are not of a master quality.
  • No standard delivery path – ads can arrive at publishers via many different routes, or sometimes not at all.
  • Multi platform delivery – ads are not versioned to fit the technical specifications of all platforms.
  • Lack of transparency – ads arrive with no clearance information to confirm compliance with Industry codes.

“As online advertising grows in importance, advertisers and their media buyers are demanding more from their video campaigns, yet web publishers are struggling to deliver the same service to their customers that they would get for broadcast TV advertising,” says Ross Priestley, Commercial Director. “At IMD we have recognised that workflows need to become more organised and managed to guarantee audiences the highest quality viewing experience and we are working closely with publishers to help them overcome the workflow issues they face by creating a trusted pathway to reduce their cost in terms of time, money and reputation.”

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) recording a £109 million spend on online video advertising in 2011.

However, the figure remains a fraction of total TV revenues, a European Commission report published on Tuesday suggesting the amount is just 1%.