Helicopter work under way on Dutch TV mast

WATCH LIVE VIDEO. Work on the Dutch TV tower in Hoogersmilde is now under way and events can be followed with a live webcam from regional broadcaster RTV Drenthe.

The work began with the placing of a 7.5 metre long mast on the tower. After that, a total of 51 sections of each 4 metres high and weighing 3.5 tons will complete the mast.

The antenna segments are constructed on the ground, after which a helicopter from Heli Swiss, will hoist them up one by one. On the top of the mast will sit a 10-meter long tube, for the DVB-T broadcasts of Digitenne.

If the weather conditions are favourable, work will be completed by the end of May, when the tower will have reached a total height of 303 metres. During the month of August, broadcasts can resume from the reconstructed tower.

Regional broadcaster RTV Drenthe has put a webcam in place to follow the construction work live.Dutch public broadcaster NOS has made the video of the first stage of the helicopter placing of a 7.5 metre long mast on the tower (natural sound only)

Regional broadcaster RTV Drenthe has also made a report of the first stage (soundtrack in Dutch only)