Connected TV shipments to reach 70%

Nearly 70% of total TV shipments in 2016 will be for connected TVs, resulting in revenues of more than $117 billion (€88.3 billion), according to a new report by IMS Research.

This contrasts with a global figure of 25% last year and shows, according to the company’s market analyst and author of the Connected TV Sets – World – 2012 report Veronica Thayer, that “internet connectivity is becoming a standard on high-end TV sets, and it’s increasingly being added to mid-end televisions.”

The report also shows that proprietary operating systems will remain the main type used by manufacturers in the next five years, although Android OS will start gaining presence and is expected to reach a significant share of the market by 2014.

It shows that in 2016 more than 80% of the connected TV sets shipped worldwide will have built-in Wi-Fi and close to 30% will have advanced user interface features such as motion, gesture or voice.