Mobiles Republic gets the Euronews

Mobiles Republic, a publisher of applications for smartphones, tablets and connected devices, has announced a content partnership with Euronews.

Mobiles Republic’s popular free news apps News Republic, APPY Geek and Biz Report will now feature Euronews news articles and video content worldwide in five services; English, French, Spanish, German and Italian

In addition to world news, Euronews provides Mobiles Republic with the latest stories in the field of business, high-tech and culture.

“Euronews offers in-depth video news content from a European perspective that we are pleased to bring to our users,” said Gilles Raymond, CEO, Mobiles Republic, in a statement. “This partnership illustrates our commitment to offer our users the richest and most dynamic coverage of both local and global current events.”

“We see this partnership as an innovative way of introducing euronews’ 24/7 independent world coverage to a large audience of news consumers, as well as a valuable project fully in line with our multi-platform strategy,” said Michael Peters, CEO, Euronews. “We’re especially delighted to offer our latest news, video-reports and articles to News Republic citizens!”

Mobiles Republic’s free news aggregate apps were designed for general users (News Republic), tech enthusiasts (APPY Geek) and business users (Biz Republic). The apps deliver thousands of full articles each day from leading news sources, and allow users to create customized “myNews” channels that filter this mass of information down to their exact topics of interest. They can then click on headlines to view complete articles — not just RSS feeds — all within the same window, without having to surf outside the app.

Users can further research the stories that are most important to them by using the apps’ Word Cloud feature to bring up related articles, YouTube links and Wikipedia entries. Real-time alerts keep users completely in touch and up to speed when important news breaks on their favourite subjects.