Brightcove looks to speed up video payments

Brightcove has unveiled plans for a new Video Paywall Solution Framework designed to speed up the integration of payment services within online video.

It adds class subscription management, payment processing, digital rights management (DRM) and content protection technologies, including Adobe Flash Access, Google Widevine, PayWizard, and TinyPass to the Brightcove Video Cloud online video platform.

Brightcove said media publishers were under pressure to offer paid for access to their video content, but were struggling to bring together the technologies required.

Eric Elia, VP of TV Solutions at Brightcove, told Broadband TV News that the recent launch of the Curzon Cinema on demand service represented the kind of operation that the new platform could help. “This is a complete system designed to get Curzon, and others, up and running through a multiscreen pay model through subscription and video on demand. Our hope is that the normal usage case of six months or a year can be taken down to days or weeks”.

Elia said delays would typically occur during the integration process.

The framework is comprised of six core components; registration and authentication that controls subscriber login and access; payment processing to help process subscription and pay-per-view fees; user management capabilities to store subscriber information and permissions; cross-Platform DRM for adherence to rights and licensing agreements across multiple device platforms; encryption to help protect content as it is delivered from source to screen; navigation and discovery features that help viewers easily find the content they want.