NMa clears three takeovers by KPN

The Dutch competition authority NMa has given telecom incumbent KPN the green light to take full control over three fibre service operators, Lijbrandt, Glashart Media and Reggefiber Wholesale.

However, the authority ruled that the takeover of four fibre service providers, Edutel, XMS, Concepts ICT and KickXL is subject to further approval process.

KPN is seeking full control over these seven companies, which are owned by the Reggefiber Group.The announcement about the planned takeover was made last November.

KPN already jointly owns Lijbrandt and the NMa considers that the change from joint control to sole control over Lijbrandt will not change in the structure of the market. Reggefiber Wholesale offers, like KPN, low quality wholesale broadband access to third parties. Since Reggefiber does not competes with KPN with this service, the NMa see no objection in granting KPN full control.

Glashart Media bundles, packages and distributes radio and TV bouquets for fibre operators. Since there are more parties active in this market, the authority sees no distortion of the market.

The NMa requires that the four fibre service providers, Edutel, XMS, Concepts ICT and KickXL, need to apply for a licence if KPN wants to take full control of them.

According to the authority, KPN’s position would be too strong in several regions where KPN and one or more of the four fibre providers are active. This would limit consumer choice for bundled services (television, internet and fixed telephony).

Just recently, KPN decided to drop its takeover bid for the CAIW cable networks, due to regulatory problems.