Glashart Media adds SBS HD channels

Dutch fibre-to-the-home provider Glashart Media is adding the three HD channels from the SBS group to its line-up of HD channels. SBS6 HD, Veronica HD and Net5 HD are now part of a 16-channel strong HD line-up.

The three channels are part of Glashart Media’s basic tier. “Our strategy is to let our customer fully profit from the benefits of glasfibre networks,” the operator said in a statement.

The HD offer now consists of the three public channels Nederland 1, 2 a nd 3, the four RTL channels, RTL4, RTL5, RTL7 and RTL8, the three SBS channels, two channels from Flemish public broadcaster VRT (VRT een and Ketnet/Canvas), Eurosport HD, Arte HD, ARD das Erste HD and ZDF HD.

Glashart Media is one of the very few providers distributing Arte HD, ARD das Erste HD and ZDF HD to its customers. The main cablers Ziggo and UPC so far have not started to carry these German language public channels.