KabelKiosk choice HbbTV service goes live

Eutelsat Germany is launching its hybrid TV services using HbbTV standard under the KabelKiosk choice brand.

The new HbbTV service is part of Eutelsat’s KabelKiosk platform, the headend-in-the-sky for German and European cable operators.

“For broadcasters, network operators and content providers it offers new opportunities to extend the reach of linear and non-linear content, and to generate new revenues,” according to the company.

Services available through ‘KabelKiosk choice’ include VOD, catch-up TV, access to news portals and local information. Users access this portfolio of interactive solutions via set-top boxes or a connected TV supporting HbbTV. An extension to tablets and smartphones is being developed to expand services to mobile devices.

Eutelsat is accelerating user access to HbbTV services with ‘KabelKiosk choice’ by removing the requirement for operators to make significant investments in their own service platforms and infrastructure. The service works as a white label to enable operators to provide and market the portal under their own brand. They can also create their own sites with local news, RSS feeds, clips and promotions. Using an integrated Content Management System, operators can also easily update content and applications.

Marc Welinski, marketing director at Eutelsat, said in a statement: “Europe that sits at the heart of Eutelsat’s footprint is forecast to become the worldwide centre of excellence for long-term development of hybrid TV services. Our ambition, as a longstanding partner of linear TV broadcasters, is to remain ahead of the curve on how to bolt web-based services onto traditional TV. The ‘KabelKiosk choice’ service in Germany is just the beginning of a new generation of hybrid solutions that we plan to develop to support our clients – broadcasters, content providers and network operators – and their relationship with viewers.”