Habiger not a part of Cisco NDS

Dave Habinger

NDS CEO Dave Habiger will not be staying with the company once the acquisition by Cisco is complete, Broadband TV News has learnt.

NDS confirmed that although Habiger was an “important catalyst” in the transition he would now be pursuing other opportunities.

Last week Habiger described the $5 billion (€3.8 billion) purchase as a “transformational opportunity” for both companies. His short-lived tenure at NDS began last July when he took on CEO responsibilities from Dr Abe Peled, who became executive chairman. He described his appointment as a four to five month dance with Dr Peled, when the two appeared together at an IBC press lunch in September.

42-year old Dave Habiger worked with the founders of Sonic Solutions ahead of the company’s IPO in 1994. As president and COO Habiger was responsible for the company’s global software development team. He then led the sale of the company to Rovi Corporation in early 2011.

Cisco has said it had been studying the possible acquisition of NDS for over a year.