BBC: connected TV is too complex

DTG SUMMIT 2012 – LONDON. The BBC’s head of iPlayer has called for consumer electronics manufacturers to simplify their products.

Speaking at the annual event hosted by trade body, the Digital TV Group (DTG), Daniel Danker compared the consumer experience on most connected TVs to that of the iPad. To illustrate his point, he said the iPlayer gets four times more traffic from the iPad than connected TVs, even though there are twice as many.

“Even after connecting connected TV, audiences are presented with a list of choices that boggles the mind,” said Danker. “If you think about mobile, apps have revolutionised mobile phones, because they are relevant.” He added that the experience needs to be more like a TV than a PC and should under no instance involve a firmware upgrade.

Earlier, DTG chairman David Docherty unveiled plans for a hybrid TV task force that would also work with overseas partners.