Cisco “committed to set-top boxes”

Cisco has said it remains committed to set-top boxes following reports yesterday (Monday) that a sale was being planned for the former Scientific-Atlanta division.

In a blog post the company said that rumour or speculative comment on the future of the division appeared every few months, pointing to comments made by CEO John Chambers during as part of the Q2 2012 earnings report on February 8.

“In terms of set top boxes, we are very much committed to this marketplace. Our SP customers asked us to partner with them as they move from traditional set top boxes to IP set top boxes to the cloud, our Videoscape solution. Receptivity so far has been very, very good in terms of our strategy,” Chambers said at the time.

According to the New York Post, Cisco has become disenchanted with the market which has changed dramatically since the $7 billion purchase in 2006.

Cisco says that its commitment to the set-top is just a part of its Videoscape solution that takes video from the cloud to the end device.

The company dismissed what it described as “unsourced reports”.