SatLink launches Amos-5 platforms

SatLink Communications, a teleport providing global satellite services, has announced that it has launched operations on the new Amos-5 Satellite across Africa, on 17 degrees East.

The service, which is launched on the February 1, 2012, is available on the Pan African C-band coverage in DVB-S and DVBS-2 and additional two Ku-Band MCPC (Multi Channel Per Carrier) platforms to serve Sub Saharan countries.

Utilising the Amos-5 satellite pan-Africa C-band reach, SatLink will provide local African and European, Asian and American broadcasters with a platform for video delivery across the whole continent to reach their local partners.

SatLink developed a ground reception network at Africa’s leading media centres in 2011, for several major broadcasters, with antennas already directed at the Amos-5 satellite to provide an array of content including entertainment, religious, news and sports, to Africa’s pay-TVs and local distributors.

The two separate Ku-Band platforms, on 17 degrees East, will allow broadcasters to distribute video content easily to DTH viewers at the French speaking and central Africa regions with SatLink providing the added playout services to localise the customer’s TV channel to suit African market demands. The transmission will extend reach to Africa’s emerging broadcast markets including Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, DRC, Mozambique and Uganda.

The C-band and two Ku band platforms will take advantage of SatLink’s Global Satellite and Fibre Network, its end-to-end broadcast solutions including the Uplink, Downlink, Turnaround and added value broadcast services, as playout, content management and encryption (CA) solutions to maximise the broadcaster’s flexibility in achieving the desired market reach.

David Hochner, CEO of SatLink, commented: “The African region is a rapidly expanding and exciting market, with increasing numbers of our customers keen to expand their reach and audiences within the region. Combining our expanding operations in Africa with the Amos-5 C-band and Ku-band platforms together with our global satellite and fibre infrastructure and unrivaled strategic location means that SatLink is a true partner to deliver content throughout all African regions and beyond.”