Sunrise IPTV unveils launch details

Swiss operator Sunrise will launch its IPTV service on Monday, January 23.

The new Sunrise TV service will offer over 160 TV and radio channels, including 29 in HD. The operator has been carrying out a pilot TV service since last October.

At launch, Sunrise will offer the Sunrise TV set comfort pack¬age for CHF125 (€103.5) per month, offering a fixed-line connection, free calls to the Swiss fixed-line network and high-speed broadband (20 Mbps/2 Mbps) in addition to the TV service.

Features of the new service include ComeBack TV, a catch-up service, which allows customers to watch selected programmes from over 40 channels up to 28 hours after their initial broadcast; and Live Pause for users to pause live and rewind live TV.

Sunrise, owned by private equity group CVC, is the number two mobile operator in Switzerland and the number three broadband provider, with 366,000 customers on September 30, 2011, behind Cablecom (535,400 homes) and incumbent Swisscom (1.635 million homes).