Motorola puts Altibox in every room

Altibox is planning to extend its video services across the home. The Norwegian IPTV operator plans to rollout the Motorola Mobility IPTV VAP2400 wireless video bridge. It means a full range of video services, including interactive TV and video on demand, will be delivered wirelessly across the home.

The VAP2400 streams high definition video over Wi-Fi spectrum throughout the home. Motorola says the easy installation and set-up means Altibox customers can benefit from wireless video out of the box without having to wait for an installation engineer.

“At Altibox, we are focused on providing an extensive portfolio of easy to install video services that deliver an enhanced subscriber experience,” said Per-Andre Rykhus, vice president, marketing, sales & products, Altibox. “The Motorola VAP2400 will help us to deliver new services and enhancements, including wireless HD interactive TV and Video on Demand, to any room in the home.”

The Motorola VAP2400 will be available to Altibox subscribers from Q4 2011.