Vestel ships ACCESS-powered HbbTV

Turkish electronics manufacturer Vestel has begun shipping both TVs and set-top boxes with integrated HbbTV capability. It has adopted the ACCESS NetFront Browser DTV Profile HbbTV Edition across its range of hybrid receivers.

“It’s very exciting to see the acceleration of HbbTV’s acceptance throughout Europe, which makes it more and more likely that HbbTV will be the dominant standard in Europe for next- generation TV services, blending broadcast TV with broadband delivered video and services,” said Klaus Merkel, manager of the HbbTV Project, IRT.

Hakan Kutlu, deputy general manager for marketing, Vestel Foreign Trade, explained that ACCESS has been selected because its product provides an embedded TV browser that meets operator needs.

The NetFront Browser offers a small RAM/ROM footprint and low CPU power consumption. It can also be integrated with other ACCESS connected digital TV software including the NetFront Living Connect home network solution certified by the DLNA.

Living Connect has recently been selected by another Turkish technology company, AIrTies, to integrate DLNA capability into its media gateways.