Telenet launches TV everywhere with Yelo

Belgian cable operator Telenet has announced it is launching Yelo, a new multimedia platform enabling digital TV customers to watch their programmes and videos wherever they are, on a computer, on an iPad or an iPhone.

In addition, Yelo (pronounced ‘yellow’) offers a range of services, such as an electronic programme guide, programming the PVR remotely and video-on-demand.

In the home, people will be able to watch different channels simultaneously on different screens. So, far Telenet Yelo will be available for ten channels only during a test period of six months. The ten channels are VRT één, Ketnet/Canvas, NJAM, Disney, Studio 100, Acht, Prime Sport, Eurosport, Discovery Channel and BBC Entertainment.

Yelo uses a wireless modem to stream the channels to devices across the home. In addition, Telenet will also offer a selection 30 on-demand movies for the iPad.

Telenet will evaluate the experiences with the broadcasters at the end of the pilot. “On the basis of this, Telenet will enter into fair, operational and financial agreements with the VRT, as well as other broadcasters.”

Duco Sickinghe, CEO, Telenet CEO, said in a statement: “It is one of the most exciting developments our company has created. The Yelo platform is a big step towards the small screen, and a milestone in the evolution of the television landscape. From now on, consumers will be able to access one central location for a wide range of interactive video services.”