Mobistar Belgium launches TV offer

The Belgian mobile operator Mobistar will launch its new Mobistar TV ‘quintuple-play’ package on October 8. Costing €55 a month, the so-called Starpack bouquet will offer mobile and fixed telephony, broadband access and IPTV, DVB-T and DVB-S television.

Mobistar says it has developed a complete television solution combining multiple available technologies. Its hybrid television receiver gives access to satellite (via DVB-S), digital terrestrial (DVB-T) and IPTV television signals. Satellite offers HD quality (Full HD 1080) and 3D television experience and brings over 500 television and radio channels. The internet gives customers access to interactive services (EPG), content on demand (VOD) and “thanks to Mobistar TV’s intelligent platform”, customers can watch, record and manage their favourite programmes both on their television or mobile devices.

The satellite portion of the offer, delivered from Astra at 19 degrees East, echoes a similar implementation by Vodafone Germany. Mobistar is working together with the two Belgian DTH platforms from the M7 Group, TV Vlaanderen and TéléSat. The telecom operator uses the Viaccess PC4.0 encryption.

“This innovative proposition combines the best of two worlds and will allow Mobistar to become a fully-fledged ‘quintuple play’ provider in the Belgian residential market,” said Benoit Scheen, CEO of Mobistar. “Mobistar TV allows us to provide optimal flexibility and choice to Belgian consumers and will be offered throughout the whole country via 160 dedicated Mobistar stores and the online shop.”

Mobistar is part of the France Telecom group and will use their Livebox to connect to the internet and to offer TV and radio to the television set. The Livebox 2.0 has wifi and is DNLA enabled and contains a 320 GB hard disk. The activation costs is €50.