Mobile TV doubts raised in Hungary

BUDAPEST BUSINESS BREAKFAST: Antenna Hungária is considering reallocating some of the frequencies it currently uses for its trial DVB-H service on the second DTT multiplex (B) to FTA TV services.

According to CEO Jean-Francois Fenech, “when you look at the maturity of mobile TV and what is at stake, we would be better off using (the multiplex) for additional FTA terrestrial (channels)”.

He added that “there is a discussion that has to take place with the regulator” – Antenna Hungária could not make such a move without its agreement – and a decision will probably be made by the autumn.

Antenna Hungária launched its trial DVB-H service on Multiplex B on December 1, 2008. It offers viewers with enabled handsets in Budapest and environs a total of seven TV channels and three radio stations free of charge.