Glashart Media expands HD line-up

Dutch FttH provider Glashart Media has added 15 HD channels to its line-up of digital channels in addition to the three Dutch public channels Nederland 1, 2 and 3.

The new channels added are RTL 4HD, RTL 5 HD, RTL 7 HD, RTL 8 HD, SBS 6 HD, NET 5 HD, Veronica HD, Brava HDTV, Eurosport HD, Discovery Channel HD, Animal Planet HD, FashionTV HD, HD, Luxe TV HD and Nat Geo Wild HD.

The three public channels are included in the basic subscription price, but the others require an additional subscription fee. People signing up now will receive the RTL and SBS HDS channels, as well as Eurosport HD for free.

Glashart Media provides TV and radio channels on FttH networks across The Netherlands. The basic tier offers around 70 channels, with the total number of channels available being 110.