Fetch TV chooses TV Genius navigation

TV Genius has announced that its Content Delivery Platform has been selected by IP Vision, the UK-based platform owner, to enhance the functionality of the TV listings on IP Vision’s FetchTV service. TV Genius and IP Vision have worked together to provide a fully searchable solution across web, mobile and hybrid DTT/IPTV. The solution provides a central portal for the accurate search and relevant recommendation of programming from a variety of sources, whether it is traditional linear broadcast, internet video or IPTV.

“Traditionally there has been concern that the increase in availability of content on the web will mean that viewers will start to migrate to internet video rather than the channels that they have more commonly watched on their chosen TV platform,” said Peter Cox, MD IP Vision, in a statement. “The deployment of the TV Genius Content Discovery Platform on the FetchTV service helps ensure that the very best and most relevant content is still firmly in the viewing plans of the consumer, whatever the source. We are pleased to work with TV Genius to enable a consistent multi-screen experience for discovering great programming through FetchTV.”

“Given the range of content available on the FetchTV service, relevance of search and recommendation is paramount,” said Tom Weiss, CEO, TV Genius. “It is essential to FetchTV that the recommendations made offer the consumer real value in order to maximize the viewing experience and help them discover fantastic new content. The TV Genius Content Discovery Platform is only one built from the ground up to work specifically with TV related content, offering a greater level of relevance to results. We’re delighted to equip IP Vision with the solution for the multi-screen discovery of the very best quality content available through FetchTV.”

FetchTV offers over 50 channels through the Freeview UK DTT service, PVR functionality, a comprehensive library of over 2,000 hours of VOD content, and content over-the-top from the BBC iPlayer with the Sky Player service available soon. FetchTV’s Smartbox is the first ever traditional set-top box on the market to offer the opportunity to watch BBC iPlayer and Sky Player content on a TV screen.