Universal Networks to focus on 5 channels

Universal_ChannelMipcom 2009 Cannes. Universal Networks will be the new name for NBC Universal worldwide. Today, the company will unveil the “newly revitalised” brands of its five core channels.

Universal will focus on five channels, but not all channels will be launched in all territories. The five channels are:

– Universal Channel, the flagship entertainment channel, with “world class shows, characters and stories that connect on a deeper level”.
– 13th Street Universal; drama from the world of crime and suspense, with “danger and intrigue at every twist and turn”.
– Syfy Universal; Science fiction and fantasy channel, offering a broad range of “imagination-based entertainment”.
– Diva Universal; Women’s entertainment channel that “celebrates living life fully”, with a feel-good mix of drama, escapism and reality shows.
– Studio Universal; The “world’s favourite movies” and the stories behind them.

The newly branded channels will be rolled out on a country by country basis. Universal Networks’ international channels business has grown from 15 in 2007 to about 70 this year. The company targets to reach 100 channels in 2010.