PlusTV takes on Canal Digital subs

Finnish DTT pay operator PlusTV is to take over the management of Canal Digital’s ParempiTV package from Canal Digital. The agreement, which takes effect from October 1, also includes Disney Channel and KinoTV. The ParempiTV package comprises Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Eurosport and MTV.

Consumers themselves will notice little change. A card sharing agreement was introduced in September 2007, and there is no change to the monthly subscription fee.

PlusTV is also introducing a new custom programme package that allows subscribers to better select their channels of choice. In January, a Purchase Process Survey conducted by PlusTV showed the inability to select individual channels the greatest barrier to subscribing.

The new Mini package allows subscribers to choose six of 11 channels for €14.90 per month. My PlusTV offers nine channels for €19.90, and the complete selection of channels is available as the PlusTV Total package for €24.90.